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Build the Way 

A Community Shared Work Space, Studio and Gallery




The first step on our campaign is to create an accessible and affordable studio/gallery space for artists to continue their craft and expand their body of work, allowing the proper opportunity for dedication to ones goals. 

This community space is designed for upcoming artists to build their portfolio and gain exposure. To have access to tools and a space to show their work and build a name for themselves while networking with likeminded people. 

A Hub of creative forces, a budding movement 

 For artists

By artists



To create a Studio-Share works area and gallery for  artists to provide access to tools and space to create and display their work within the community.

Facility access will be based on individual contract, ranging from time flexible leases to time spent toward communal effort of studio maintenance and gallery catering. 


Over 1000 sqft. of artist space.

Open floor plan gallery structure with adjacent individual work rooms and tools facilities.

Housed with a ceramics kiln & wheel, table & miter saws, wood and stone carving tools, forge, metal shop tools and welding machines, and more.

Gallery website:


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